Possible Signs of Infidelity

Marriage is a covenant bond between 2 people, and one of the deepest wounds that anyone can experience is infidelity. Many times, the offended spouse does not want to admit that their spouse may be unfaithful, yet they will often acknowledge that there were some early warning signs. After 20 years of counseling married couples, I have identified some potential signs of infidelity.

1. Guarding the Cell Phone – being more secretive about the cell phone, a sudden change in cell phone privacy, keeping the phone with them all the time often indicates that your partner is hiding something.

2. Changing the Pass Codes – changing the pass codes on the phone, personal computer, Ipad or tablet, and insisting that you do not have access to these instruments is a warning sign.

3. Sudden Change in Self Care – dressing better, suddenly going to workout regularly, being much more sensitive to their appearance.

4. Sexual Relations Decrease – sudden decrease in sexual behavior, interest or affection. Your partner seems to be more distant.

5. Picking Fights – there seems to be an increase in conflict, especially arguments that seem to be instigated through hurtful remarks.

6. Greater Secrecy in Financial Spending – taking out new credit cards, separating finances, significant decrease in financial transparency.

7. Obsessed with Social Media – flirtatious conversations on Facebook, constantly connecting with old friends of the opposite sex, spending lots of private time on social media.

These signs do not necessarily indicate infidelity, yet a combination of these signs together could indicate that your spouse is in danger of engaging in an extramarital relationship.

Dean Sunseri, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Baton Rouge, LA. He specializes in individual, marriage and family counseling. If you need Marriage Counseling in Baton Rouge, he can contacted by calling 225-290-7252 or ds@ihaveavoice.com .

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