HollyKem Sunseri’s Transformational Journey

TRANSFORMED into LIFE HollyKem Sunseri ~ In 1983 I was addicted to cocaine, marijuana & alcohol, a daily struggle for the last 6 years. ~ I was unhappily married to my drug dealer in a controlling, possessive and toxic relationship. ~ After an arrest for a drug charge, I was looking at possibly 10 years … [Read more…]

The Comprehensive Guide to Opiate Addiction & Recovery

The Comprehensive Guide to Opiate Addiction & Recovery covers every aspect of opiate addiction, from the problem to the solution of the recovery process. We will discuss what opiate addiction is, how opiates affect the brain with SPECT scans, what is fentanyl and rainbow fentanyl, what is opiate withdrawal, what is addiction and the recovery … [Read more…]

The Owner’s Manual (The Secret to Successful Relationships)

he Owners Manual is relationship advice with HollyKem & Dean Sunseri to assist you to having a successful and fulfilling relationship. Your relationships become easy when your priorities are in the correct spiritual order. Your relationship, especially your marriage, becomes so much easier. See your relationship problems become relationship solutions. As you listen and apply … [Read more…]

Counseling in Baton Rouge & New Orleans 2018

We are thankful for the completion of another successful years of service in 2017. We provided Marriage Counseling, Individual Counseling, Substance Abuse Assessments and other services at our 3 offices in Baton Rouge, Gonzales and Metairie. Edith Fonseca, PLPC, is the newest member of our team, and has expanded her work at the Baton Rouge … [Read more…]