Signs of Anxiety: Anxiety Counseling in Baton Rouge

All anxiety disorders have one major symptom: persistent or severe fear or worry in situations where many other people wouldn’t feel threatened. Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety In addition to the primary symptoms of irrational and excessive fear and worry, some common emotional symptoms of anxiety are: Feelings of apprehension or dread Trouble concentrating Feeling tense … [Read more…]

After Hours Counseling in Baton Rouge

We understand that some people are locked into a Monday through Friday workday, and it is difficult to leave work on a consistent basis to attend counseling.  Therefore, we provide After Hours Counseling in the late afternoon and evening hours during the week, and also Saturdays.  Whether you need Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling or Family … [Read more…]

Mental Health & Christian Counseling

We offer Mental Health Counseling and Christian Counseling in the Baton Rouge area.  Sometimes a believer is struggling with problems in their life, yet they want the assurance that they are seeing someone who will counsel them from a Christian Perspective.  We can help, call us at 225-290-7252 Mental Health & Christian Counseling Share this:

Suicide is a Serious Issue

The recent tragedy of the suicide of Robin Williams will highlight an ailing problem, and perhaps give much needed attention to this horrible experience for loved ones, family and friends.  How could someone be in so much emotional pain to take their own life? It bespeaks to two problems. One is the fact that some … [Read more…]